Eight-Step Editing

Eight-Step Editing teaches an approach to editing that helps writers and editors alike. Everyone who has clarified a sentence in an email or moved text around in a report can benefit from this workshop.

The Eight-Step Editing workshop takes some key skills that are second nature to professional editors and breaks them down into eight actions that will improve a text while retaining the author’s voice.

Instead of making qualitative judgments, the eight steps focus on seeking out and correcting certain recurring faults that have been objectively shown to impede readability. When editing someone else’s writing, there is less danger of merely substituting the editor’s personal preferences. When editing their own writing, writers no longer struggle to criticize work that they have already laboured over and can’t imagine saying any other way.

Through hands-on practice, participants in Eight-Step Editing learn how to find and fix the most common barriers to clarity. They leave with a “toolkit” of proven techniques for making a document clearer and easier to read, so the content can shine through.

Everyone who writes or edits for work should take this course.

Eight-step editing: writing with pen on notebook

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash